Monday, June 24, 2013


So I guess I wanted to write this blog because I like to pretend like I have some sort of ability as a writer, and have never tackled real life writing. Really writing stuff down has served as a form of therapy over the years, if not an insurance policy for my difficulty with remembering what I had for breakfast. Writing has always been some overly structured obligation or topic that I was told to cover. There is something that is terrifyingly challenging about writing your life out for someone else to read...I guess I'm dreaming big that someone would actually want to read anything I have to say...but for this post's sake I'll continue to dream.

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I have always been obsessed with lemons. Not in a sexual way that makes me some kind of weirdo. More in a way that I literally crave the taste, the sour citrus is magic on my toung and the smell can make me slip away from my worries and just inhale deeply…. maybe it is a little sexual? I eat lemon flavored anything and will experiment with putting lemon on anything. There have been countless days when I can remember reducing myself to a painful acid fueled stomach ache on account of drinking too much lemon juice in my water…oh it gets weirder.  On Pinterest I have searched the word ‘lemon’ more times than I would like to admit, and am drawn to anything that is colored that shiny yellow shade like a dog to bacon.  Regardless of my strange obsession you really can use it for and with anything you want…really! I was even more surprised at how perfectly lemon fit into my life when I decided to search the definition of what it meant one day. Turns out lemon is not only a term for one of the most glorious fruits in existence, but is also used to describe people.  By definition a lemon can be

 “a person or thing that proves to be defective, imperfect, or unsatisfactory” 

I know this sounds a little depressing but after reflecting on this past year and the current state of my personal life lemon may have more pertinence than simply garnishing every food I eat.  It has been a period of transition, embarrassing regret, and a tidal wave of unique relationships. This past year you could say 'shit hit the fan' for a little while. Really the shit has perpetually hit the fan multiple times in 21 short years of much so that I think it should be documented somewhere.

A lemon person may not necessarily appear as a mess from the outside or to those who have no interaction with said person. They probably have felt like a disappointment more times than should be admitted, and things are typically a little unpredictable.  Lemon people also like to listen to moody music while writing things like this.

Whatever comes of these words is merely a contemplation of the life of a lemon person and how this person manages the day to day. It's not necessarily a negative thing. We all have a lemon moment in life whether you are in the midst of serious relationship troubles, or simply craving some baked goods.